Our Beliefs

At St. Peter's we believe that:     

• God has created and sustains all that exists, and his truth is revealed to us in the Holy Bible.
• God entered human history in the human form of Jesus Christ and revealed himself through Christ's    ministry, crucifixon and resurrection.
• God works through the Church for the redemption of creation by the power of the Holy Spirit.
• God changes lives through the Gospel of Jesus Christ by calling Christians to lives of discipleship.
• God calls us to witness to his Word revealed in Holy Scripture, Holy Baptism and in Holy Communion. 
• God calls us to be caring and compassionate to those in need.
• God has provided a foundation for ministry in the historical witness of the Christian Church, especially      in the ecumenical creed and the Lutheran Confessions.

Our Values

At St. Peter's we value:     

• Daily Prayer
• Weekly Worship
• Each individual as a child of God who posesses unique gifts, talents and abilities
• Personal integrity
• Participation in "life-long" Christian education and Bible study 
• Compassion and hospitality
• Sharing monetary resources to support the work of the Church and to aid others

Our Mission

At St. Peter's we:     

• Welcome people to the faith in Jesus Christ
• Educate people to be faithful disciples
• Share our blessings to make a difference in the world in Jesus' name